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SCIENCE COSMOS is a fun learning program, where children develop an interest in science, technology, math, arts and engineering. We help stimulate your child’s interest in learning by getting them excited about what they are doing. Kids love the program, because they learn by building and discovery, all in a fun environment. Students learn concepts in STEAM while they build models and machines on their own, using Lego, Knex, robots, electronic circuits, etc.  We teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) using Lego Robotics and other building platforms, and we have a complimentary Arts Cosmos program. We engage them in a progressive curriculum that is age-appropriate. Success at Science Cosmos is a stepping stone into competitive and gifted academic programs. You can enroll in our programs, and give your child a head start.

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STEM Hands On

Whats a better way to learn STEM concepts, than building robot and cool engineering structures. Its Learn+Fun in these self paced classes

STEAM-ing Gaming

Children love to play video games. Why not show them how to create their own games instead?  Children  learn STEAM Concepts with our Minecraft (Education) Courses

Arts Cosmos

The classes blend together skills in traditional art and digital art. Featuring art lessons from the great masters such as da Vinci. Click to Learn more on the Arts Cosmos Website.

Science Cosmos focuses on Childrens STEM and STEAM enrichment classes to prepare Kids for future Success. Opportunites to franchise available in this Children's Education business
Math Cosmos

Did you know that kids comprehend Math better if they can visualize better. We bring this idea to reality with our hands on Math and Abacus math programs. 

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Parent, STEM & Robotics Program

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Great classes, interesting to my child, small class and attentive staff

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Parent, STEM & Robotics Program

My son loves this program .... 

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Parent, STEM & Robotics Program

Look no further If you are looking for science classes for kids, science experiments for kids, science projects for kids or kids camps and classes; you have certainly come to the right place. At Science Cosmos, We have designed a fun-learning program for kids to learn about Science, Technology, Robotics, Math, Arts  and Engineering (STEAM) through hands-on interactive projects. We offer a variety of weekly classes, summer camps, and after school programs that are filled with interesting and fun design-engineering, experiments, arts projects and activities for kids. Lego robotics, Lego Science and related programming classes are offered here. It is scientifically proven that when kids are having fun while learning they retain more information. Classes are for ages 4yrs to 14 yrs. Register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS  or enroll in one of our classes or camps today.