Science Cosmos has a Licensing Model and is Affordable to launch

Offer a program where you can make an impact on Children

Are you an entrepreneur and owner of  a business in the high-demand children's education enrichment niche market ?

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Make Your Dreams Come True While Helping Children Prepare for Academic Success

Many people dream of owning their own business, but unfortunately, for many people, this dream never gains fruition. Here at Science Cosmos, we help people make their dreams come true by offering a proven business solution . Our high-quality fun learning program that offers children the opportunity to learn more about engineering, technology and science. You teach children about these important subjects through building and discovery. You will be teaching STEM concepts using constructing models and machines liek K’nex, Lego, Circuits, robots and similar products,  

Through an age appropriate progressive curriculum, we support students for their pathway into gifted and competitive academic programs.

Opening Doors for Children’s Learning Can Turn Your Dreams of Owning a Business into a Reality

It's easy to achieve success with the Science Cosmos program.  We don’t just get you started in business ; our learning system will we help you quickly  get the STEM program underway. You will learn how to implement the teaching methods. You can also get the optional coaching program. With our learning system, your business will achieve success and your students reach their full potential. The Science Cosmos learning system can help you be successful and in turn you can help children prepare for a lifetime of academic success.

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Our Promise to You - You get Commitment, Dedication and Continuous Support from our team 

Our optional coaching program will give you advice on logistics, marketing and other elements of the business so you can achieve your goals. Some highlights are: 

  • Marketing training so you can effectively market to your customers and to schools.
  • Access to our training courses.
  • One on one coaching and optional in person coaching.
  • You will learn Techniques that are designed to make business ownership much more efficient and simple.
  • Access to our curriculum development team that is continuously working in order to keep Science Cosmos ahead of the competition and up-to-date on current trends.
  • Teleconferences, training seminars and meetings to keep you current on the latest technological advances and aware of current market needs.

A Flexible - Method of offering our content that will to suit your  business needs.....

You are unique and so are your Entrepreneurial needs.  You are not forced to offer this in a limited way.  You will have the flexibility to choose a model of offering that best fits your needs. 

A Home based business solution 

Integrating with a Center based business Offerning

A Hybrid business operation 

We have 3 Different models you can opt in to launch your Science Cosmos business. 

  • A home based business,  where you serve your customers offering classes in several school locations. 
  • Integrate program with a  center Based business, at your established brick and mortar location. 
  • A Hybrid method, where you offer a combination of the above. 

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As a Science Cosmos licensee or business owner,  you will Inspire and motivate kids to get excited and learn more in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) and prepare them for a successful future. You will be given all the tools to run a successful business which is also a fulfilling endeavor. Your business will help inspire children in your community by providing access to a program that they love and want to keep coming back. Don't miss this hot new franchise opportunity, contact us today.

How easy is it to start a Science Cosmos Content based program?

Simply put, quite easy. This licensing opportunity is low cost and with low overheads, offers you a recession-resilient  opportunity. Please keep in mind this is an easy way to start your business in the educational industry and actually make a difference for so many children. Plus, you can succeed in an industry that you’re passionate about.

If you have never run a business before, will this work for you?

The great thing about our teaching methods is that you don’t have to have any prior experience as an entrepreneur to perform well. We have already developed an effective teaching platform for you to follow and be successful.  Our optional coaching program will teach you how to implement a proven business model .

Do you have a Calling to be and Entrepreneur ? 

  • The education niche is in a Recession resilient industry.  We adapt our offering to be in tune with changing times.
  • An owner of a education business offering the Science Cosmos program,  is either full time in the business or operates  as a Semi-absentee owner. This means you can could continue your day job while running a successful STEM education business.
  • Our teaching system will focuses on Hot concepts in the educational enrichment sector that is in high demand now and will be in the future.

Why partner with Science Cosmos?

Science Cosmos is experienced in the business and we have established a proven teaching model: we have worked through the challenges of the business model, yet we remain agile and flexible to accommodate changing times and changing markets.  You can join us and profit through the success we have already achieved. 

You will have the opportunity to be at the forefront this tremendous growth as a member of our business network. As a entrepreneur, you will receive our support and training in our e-learning environment and our educational programs. In our training programs, you will learn the lessons just like a student would so that you are completely comfortable with both the program material and how to run a program.

The Coaching service will train you in how to market your business, corporate procedures, legal issues, hiring practices and how our back-end billing and ordering systems works.  You will learn how to handle most of the “headaches” you would typically encounter as a completely independent business operator. And our cloud-based set-up comes with a 24-7 access. Our passion to take our successful model across the nation will guaranty you a stable, invested partner dedicated to your success!

Its a, Simple process to become a Licensee  - In three Steps

Its never been a better time to be the In Business on your Own.  But you don't have to be in it alone .....

Whether you are seriously considering moving forward, or still in the process of doing your research, we understand your needs and can provide you the information you need to make a smart decision. 

And what do our Our Entrepreneurs say?.........

Veena Pandiri, Ashburn Virginia. Science Cosmos Center Owner

My Science Cosmos business has taken my passion for education and helped me turned it into a profitable business.

The support team has been very responsive and help me learn all aspects of the business.
The marketing training and support has been exceptional. The expert help I received has allowed me to add value to kids’ lives. I am already offering my services in schools and am offering several camps this summer. 

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As a bonus, You will get an Automatic Download of our High Resolution infographic

High Satisfaction With Support & Training

Our franchisees have expressed   High Satisfaction with the quality and depth of our training programs .

Customer can't stop talking about Their child's experiences at Science Cosmos ! 


My son has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft!

Joanne H - Parent Facebook review

My son loves Science Cosmos! So far, he has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft coding! The teachers are very professional and friendly and they teach every students in their own level. I recommend Ms. Ashley. She is very professional and caring. Thanks Science Cosmos!

How do I know if Science Cosmos will be successful for me?

We have developed an effective business model that’s been tested and proven to work. Our learning system will help you efficiently implement a STEM Learning program. Our optional coaching program will show you how to handle everything from marketing, finance, operations ,  how quickly launch and ramp up your business.  Our teaching model was designed to make it easy and hassle- free to get started and operate a successful STEM education business.

What kind of an investment do I have to make? 

Your initial investment can be variable based on many factors. You can start off at a lower initial investment and continue to invest more as you grow. The home based business is at a lower cost to launch.

There are many sources for loans which can help finance your small business. We encourage you to keep expenses low while optimizing your returns. 

 Because our business model is sound and replicable, we can help you define your business plan in order to help you present a more compelling request for outside funding.

Other than my initial investment, what do I have to do?  

Participate in a one on one presentation  and learn about pricing and licensing options when you are planning to opening a STEM education business. 

For a new business trying to launch into STEM education or an existing business adding to the portfolio, the initial investment includes the initial and ongoing costs of licensing the system, initial equipment, and training.  

 Are you ready to take the next step to becoming a successful Science Cosmos business partner? We offer you a Success Formula .......

Remember... Reputation + Course Content + Replicable Business Model + Training + Support = A winning combination!

Get the Free, Business Info Series, Now!

As a bonus, You will get an Automatic Download of our High Resolution infographic

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