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About Us

Educating our youth and empowering a generation shouldn't be difficult or time-consuming. It should fun, easy, and convenient and now it can be with Science Cosmos! Science Cosmos was developed by a dedicated father and passionate advocate for science and technology. Ramesh developed Science Cosmos to fill the void that was missing in his children'sscience curriculum and millions of other children all around the world. It was created to inspire and motivate kids to learn more about science and prepare them for a real career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

The Science Cosmos franchise was founded with a mission is to help individuals inspire and motivate kids while preparing them for a future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Coming form a science and medical background our founder envisioned how this program could inspire thousands of students across the country. Science Cosmos franchisees not only run a successful business, but also a rewarding one by serving an important role in their communities, filling a critical need preparing children for a future in STEM.

As a Science Cosmos franchisee, you will be empowered to inspire an entire generation of eager and passionate youth that are hungry for more knowledge. This gives you the power to educate our youth about the most important industries around the globe and get them prepared for real careers in the real world. Each franchise is responsible for inspiring our children to reach their fullest potential and enter the workforce with a razor sharp competitive edge.

Our Story

The best ideas come from what we are passionate about. And this is exactly how Science Cosmos was born. A science professional by trade, Ramesh was dissatisfied with the way science was being taught to his own elementary school-aged children. Despite their district’s high ratings, he felt the curriculum was inadequate when it came to emphasis on science. Convinced there was a better way to motivate and prepare kids for an exciting future with science, he began researching and organizing in-depth, hands-on projects he could do with his children. The projects were a hit—the kids learned a lot and had fun doing them. Before long, friends’ and neighborhood kids joined and the group met for months in Ramesh’s basement. The thirst for knowledge never ceased and the projects continued to hold the interest of the kids. Ramesh had created a place where children were truly inspired and excited by science and technology.

Realizing the universal need for such a program and the potential of what he had accomplished on a small scale, Ramesh founded Science Cosmos. The company’s mission is to help like-minded individuals inspire and motivate kids while preparing them for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Science Cosmos franchisees can not only run a successful business, but serve an important role in their communities by fulfilling a critical need of preparing children for futures in engineering and science. Science Cosmos is an extremely rewarding franchise opportunity that allows those involved to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for STEM subjects. The atmosphere is one of intense learning but also fun for both the students and teachers alike.

A lifelong science enthusiast, Ramesh is a graduate in the sciences holding Master’s and Doctorate degrees. He is thrilled to see his passion inspire others. It gives him great joy week after week to watch the excitement and focus students have while participating in various Science Cosmos programs.