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Steps to Ownership

There a five simple steps to Ownership

We offer a Fast-Track Franchising pathway to a Science Cosmos Franchise

For qualified candidates, the fast track program can get you on the road to franchise ownership as early as 2 weeks after we review the FDD with you. However, you don't have to be on the fast track if you need more time and we understand and will work with you to fit your timeline.

steps to own a Children's STEAM education franchise

The Qualification process is easy and below is a general scenario of the steps one would go though in the process. Keep in mind that sooner you get the process going, the better will be your chances to get a desirable territory.

Process Overview

How does the process of obtaining your Science Cosmos franchise work? Here we lay out the steps to setting up your very own children’s educational business.

Contact Us

The first step is to register an interest to find out more. We will contact you with further information about partnering with Science Cosmos.

Face to Face discussion

The next step is to discuss the franchise opportunity in further detail. This is where we answer your questions and reveal the full benefits in detail.


We gather key data for your particular location to identify potential sites for your business and to carry out a feasibility study.

Franchisee Assessment

This an opportunity for us to assess your suitability as a franchisee. There are no set requirements, but we look for individuals with a background in childcare or education.

Come Visit Us

Before committing, we invite you to meet other franchisees and see how a Science Cosmos business works first hand and learn what makes a successful franchisee tick.


If both parties agree to enter into a franchise arrangement, we will send through the contracts. We allow time for you to consider the details and seek legal advice before committing.

It Starts!

Once the contracts are signed, the training starts and the exciting journey begins. You receive your starter materials and a strategy manager comes to your location. The marketing and set up process begins.

Ongoing Support

Our relationship doesn’t stop there. We provide mentoring, assistance and ongoing reviews to fine-tune areas of your business for maximum profitability.

Contact us with No Obligation

Remember that you can contact us for more information on the opportunities Science Cosmos has to offer. We will send you further information on the benefits, costs and other details. The steps in this process come with no obligation right up until the contracts are signed.

Harness the Opportunities of a Science Cosmos Franchise

Cosmos Science franchises are set to thrive in multiple locations across all states in the USA. They work well in urban and suburban areas. The growth rate for our franchisees is remarkable, as they fill a much needed gap in the educational childcare sector. Franchisees see their client bases emerging from relationships with parents, local businesses, colleges and schools. Your strategy manager will work with you to establish and maintain these links.

We ensure that your location is poised for success by ensuring a clearly defined area for your own franchise that covers a large number of schools and businesses. Our advanced due diligence makes sure that your business faces no serious competition or other barriers to growth.