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Why Science Cosmos

The Science Cosmos franchisee training program will teach you our methods for managing your business and assist you in implementing our system of marketing a Science Cosmos center. We will assist you in selecting a suitable territory and a suitable facility within that area and we will protect you from having another Science Cosmos center locate in your area. We will train you in methods to complete remodeling, decorating and equipping your center. We will provide procedures for marketing your center to local residents, neighborhoods and businesses; for recruiting and for teaching your staff to train the courses and programs offered by the franchise network.

We offer major advantages to persons interested in entering the children's education market. We will provide start-up marketing assistance in your territory; and conduct research and analysis of new products and services for you to offer in the future. We award you the right to use our name and logo in your market for soliciting business, in advertising, signage, brochures, letterhead and business cards. We will also add your franchise’s contact information to our web site and create a dedicated mini site, to help you gain name recognition in your community and customers for your center. While we believe that your affiliation with our system is very beneficial, it does not guarantee that you will develop a successful or profitable business operation.

If you realize the immense potential of the young mind, Science Cosmos can give you a unique opportunity to shape it. At Science Cosmos, you will nurture this and offer your students an enrichment program where they explore their hidden abilities and their scientific mind. We have made learning a natural and fun process, quite in contrast with reading the monotonous science books. You could be instrumental in modeling young minds with our program.

A New Idea and a Valuable Proposition

Combining after school care with fun education is a winning concept. It is an untapped idea for which there is growing demand. More and more Americans are choosing to return to work and afterschool care provides the flexibility parents need to pursue their careers. Afterschool clubs are increasingly popular and the supply is limited. Your franchise will fill the gap.

What if you could take a proven profitable concept like afterschool care and combine it with real educational value?

In any business, you make money by providing value to your clients. The value you deliver through your Science Cosmos franchise is twofold: childcare to help busy parents and STEM knowledge that kids can use. The knowledge that children gain and the skills they develop are directly applied to their school education, whatever age they are. It helps them understand scientific concepts and encourages an analytical brain. Science Cosmos kids grow up to be educated, intelligent and ready to tackle any tests, concepts or course thrown their way.

Parents see Science Cosmos as a real opportunity to provide the best start for their children. After all, parents know that jobs in engineering, science and computing are the best paid jobs. Science Cosmos is an investment in their children’s future and your franchise will be there to make it happen.

What do You Get from Us?

1. You get the power to use the Science Cosmos brand. It is an established and trusted brand that is easily identifiable by parents looking for top quality educational childcare in a safe and fun environment. The brand alone will attract a client base.

2. You receive marketing materials and resources to promote your business in the local area. You receive expert marketing advice and strategy from those who have already established their businesses. All materials are designed to reach out to your target clients and draw them into the Science Cosmos experience.

3. We provide materials and resources to effectively deliver classes and training on how to use them. Our expert instructors show you methods of imparting knowledge in a fun and educational way.

4. We show you how to manage your business operations. Managing staff, clients, payments, accounts and taxes. We set you up as well run operation. Not only that, we provide trouble shooting and mentoring to work on areas that need improving. Your success is our success, so we do everything to ensure that you succeed.

Science Cosmos can provide the financial independence you are looking for. If you can enrich children’s lives, the rewards are limitless.

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Become Franchisee and Spread Knowledge

Starting franchises for children’s education needs sharing a lot of responsibility because you will nurture children. An investment made is not just for the franchise, but it is for the life of the child and his education. From giving them the essentials of science and offering those sports, workshops and parties, Science Cosmos have a lot to offer. And since we aspire to touch the lives of as many children as possible within the country, our aim is to spread our wings and engulf another forty to sixty franchises; hence we are encouraging home based franchises.

Share the Brand Name

Your home based franchise could shoot in popularity as well. It is a profitable proposition to share a brand name like Science Cosmos because we have already created our niche in the market. Our repute will draw you an instant recognition, and if you have a passion for technology and a team of inspired teachers, in a small time you could get considerable financial gain.

Get Perfect Assistance

Science Cosmos is completely committed towards your growth as well. By owning a franchise, you will be your own boss, yet in this journey you will not be alone. You will enjoy our undivided attention in your way of success. We will give precise training programs for informing you the nature of our curriculum. We will also train your team of teacher with an on-site training session, at your place. Our training programs and operating manuals guide you step by step with the knowledge you need to succeed from the very onset. We will guide you with our proven strategies in business also so that your chances of profit are improved as well!