SCIENCE COSMOS offers a variety of  week-long fun camp lesson topics that are filled with learning, for kids ages 4 to 5 years. Students will have a great time building and discovering, while at the same time learning concepts in science, technology, and language arts. Browse the camp lesson topics below, which are appropriate for this age group. These camps engage your child and spark their imagination. Check your local center's camp schedules, announced at the beginning of the camp enrollment season.  Promotions



Kids build with legos and learn science! An engaging camp that will channel your child's creativity and kindle curiosity in science and engineering.   

Young campers discover the joy of building models and structures. Students follow instructions that guide them with goal oriented building, with LEGO Duplo and other materials. They build several models during the week, each of which introduces them to different ideas. In the process they learn concepts in science. Students work in pairs and build hands-on models that move and learn to problem solve and make things work. Campers are introduced to a variety of science vocabulary and they learn how to apply them to the projects they are doing. 

Perfect for ages 4-5 yrs.


Recommend Science Cosmos for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn

Heather D. - 5 star Parent facebook review

My son has been attending the Robotics class for going on almost two years now and he loves it!! He started with Legos and is now coding in Minecraft. He is always excited to go and remiss to leave. We would recommend it for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn in a technologically savvy environment aided by bright and wonderful instructors!

Joanne H Parent Facebook review

My son has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft!

My son loves Science Cosmos! So far, he has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft coding! The teachers are very professional and friendly and they teach every students in their own level. I recommend Ms. Ashley. She is very professional and caring. Thanks Science Cosmos!


Can designing a video game be as easy as drag and drop? That how easily your child will learn to build a program that translates to video game characters and game elements, using Scratch Junior programming. They gain creative confidence. Students work with visual programming that is intuitive for them. The Scratch Junior interface is designed for young children to help them get an early start on programming. Coding is the new literacy! Your child can program his or her own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve problems and express themselves creatively on the computer. The lessons are tailored to the students age and ability.

Perfect for ages 4-5 yrs.


How about learning math by building cool models?  Math Smart Builders is a hands-on course by Science Cosmos that teaches math concepts in fun way.  Students work with math manipulatives, while they explore and discuss patterns and relationships in shape, size and number. Early logical thinking skills are exercised. This program allows children to discover through enjoyable activities some of the important concepts that underlie many aspects of mathematics: regularity and sequence, symmetry and direction, equivalence and similarity, color and shape recognition, counting and size comparisons. Children learn to identify symmetry in pictures and objects, eventually culminating in the task of reading coordinates on a simple grid. 

Perfect for ages 4-5 yrs.

Katrina Dindy Golez Burks Customer review, Facebook

My 7 year old loves her weekly Lego Robotics Class!


My 7 year old loves her weekly Lego Robotics Class! Thank you Miss Ashley for making it more fun! >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS


Full Day Camps

Full Day Camps

Some locations offer both full day and half day camp options. In addition to the fun themes in our half day camps, kids participating in the full day camps experience fun extend activities to supplement their hands on STEAM education. Students will be involved in Age appropriate enrichment activities, games, and science learning. Did we say NO video games allowed! Full day camp participants should bring packed lunch and snacks that is necessary for the whole day. (Check your local center for availability)

Camp Extended care

Optional Extended care Care Beyond the Scheduled end time may be available at your Camp location for an additional fee

Extended care is available in the afternoons. Please see your local branch's camp enrollment page for pricing. Contact your local branch to confirm availability.


My daughter loves building different things every week with LEGOS & programming

Well educated teachers and community support! My daughter loves building different things every week with LEGOS and block programming! >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS

See Thampi 5 Star Google Review by Customer

Science Cosmos Parent - Debbie

Science Cosmos Parent - Mr. Bharadwaj

Science Cosmos Parent - Suzanne

Customers ask Us “What will My child be doing in the Camps?” Well, You have come to the right place for answers.

The day starts out with a FUN filled morning where your child builds a model with Legos or other materials. If its a Game programming or Digital arts Camp, the projects will be done on a PC. In the process they learn concepts in Science and engineering.

YOU have a Choice to pick from our list of FUN & ENGAGING themes for your child OR, you can let Us choose one for you. Kids have so much fun with ALL our camp themes, that they want to keep coming back!

The camps section of our website gives a description of many of the themes offered, including Amazing Robot Animals, Medieval Battle Physics, Space Robots, Lego Science & Math Smart, Arts Cosmos, Minecraft and more. Additional themes that are not listed may be available at your local center.

After completing the assigned building project and lesson progression in the morning, the Full day / PM campers continue on to the afternoon session.  The format is slightly different form 'Full-Day' camp students v/s those enrolled for 'AM+PM Half day' Camps. Students enjoy a lunch break, where we provide a nut free snack and bottled water. We suggest that you pack some lunch as this may not be enough for your child. The kids are then ready to get started with the afternoon activities.

Remember to pick up on time, You can arrange for extended care, if its available at your camp location.