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The Opportunity

Science Cosmos Brings Science to Life

Science Cosmos is a unique and fascinating scientific journey. It reveals the wonders of science to children of all ages, from kindergarten through elementary school.

It benefits children by providing a solid foundation in scientific concepts and sets them up for a successful future. It benefits parents by providing day care and after school care. It is the perfect way to allow working parents the flexibility they need whilst giving children the perfect start in life. With flexible enrolment and classes for ages 4-6, 6-9 and 9-14, kids of all ages look forward to classes and camps at Science Cosmos.

With a focus on STEAM concepts and skills, Science Cosmos kids learn valuable skills that are under-taught in public school curricula. It makes school learning easier and sets a foundation for acceptance onto engineering and science college courses. It should come as no surprise that the path to top paying engineering and programming jobs starts Science Cosmos. After all, Science Cosmos is one of the few places where children learn to build their own video games and develop the skills needed for computer programming.

S.T.E.A.M Learning

Our S.T.E.A.M learning classes allow children to make their own video games. These classes develop children’s ability to learn core programming concepts, without even realizing it. These classes are delivered in a way that is fun and inspiring. Computer programming is a field that is experiencing critical shortages. Science cosmos is producing the next generation of programmers to fill this skills gap.

Robotics Classes

Science Cosmos Robotic Classes allow children to develop skills in a growing industry. Robotics will be a key employment sector and there is already a lack of skilled robotics engineers. With Science Cosmos, children understand the key concepts and build their own robots – skills they can apply later in life in robotics and engineering careers.


Science Cosmos partners with talented and enthusiastic education providers through its franchise program. Science Cosmos offers franchise locations throughout the USA and is an emerging educational brand.

Our franchises allow people from a variety of different backgrounds to run their own educational child care business. The benefits of franchising with Science Cosmos are unlimited. Our partners benefit from a reputable and trusted brand, market materials, expert business strategists and cutting edge educational resources. We pride ourselves on setting up our franchisees for success.

A quality brand in a fast growing industry

Many child care and educational professional look to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Science Cosmos. We welcome enquiries from people with a variety of different backgrounds. What we look for is a passion for education and people who love working with kids. If you want to help children achieve their full potential, a Science Cosmos franchise may be the perfect career change.

The rewards are significant, with Science Cosmos franchisees befitting from a recognized and trusted brand and a proven business model. The core value proposition to parents is uniquely valuable. After all, Science Cosmos is an investment in children’s future, and is a service that is in high demand. If you want to help meet that demand by moulding the next generation of engineers and scientists, call us today.

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Steps to Ownership

There a five simple steps to Ownership

We offer a Fast-Track Franchising pathway to a Science Cosmos Franchise

For qualified candidates, the fast track program can get you on the road to franchise ownership as early as 2 weeks after we review the FDD with you. However, you don't have to be on the fast track if you need more time and we understand and will work with you to fit your timeline.

steps to own a Children's STEAM education franchise

The Qualification process is easy and below is a general scenario of the steps one would go though in the process. Keep in mind that sooner you get the process going, the better will be your chances to get a desirable territory.

Process Overview

How does the process of obtaining your Science Cosmos franchise work? Here we lay out the steps to setting up your very own children’s educational business.

Contact Us

The first step is to register an interest to find out more. We will contact you with further information about partnering with Science Cosmos.

Face to Face discussion

The next step is to discuss the franchise opportunity in further detail. This is where we answer your questions and reveal the full benefits in detail.


We gather key data for your particular location to identify potential sites for your business and to carry out a feasibility study.

Franchisee Assessment

This an opportunity for us to assess your suitability as a franchisee. There are no set requirements, but we look for individuals with a background in childcare or education.

Come Visit Us

Before committing, we invite you to meet other franchisees and see how a Science Cosmos business works first hand and learn what makes a successful franchisee tick.


If both parties agree to enter into a franchise arrangement, we will send through the contracts. We allow time for you to consider the details and seek legal advice before committing.

It Starts!

Once the contracts are signed, the training starts and the exciting journey begins. You receive your starter materials and a strategy manager comes to your location. The marketing and set up process begins.

Ongoing Support

Our relationship doesn’t stop there. We provide mentoring, assistance and ongoing reviews to fine-tune areas of your business for maximum profitability.

Contact us with No Obligation

Remember that you can contact us for more information on the opportunities Science Cosmos has to offer. We will send you further information on the benefits, costs and other details. The steps in this process come with no obligation right up until the contracts are signed.

Harness the Opportunities of a Science Cosmos Franchise

Cosmos Science franchises are set to thrive in multiple locations across all states in the USA. They work well in urban and suburban areas. The growth rate for our franchisees is remarkable, as they fill a much needed gap in the educational childcare sector. Franchisees see their client bases emerging from relationships with parents, local businesses, colleges and schools. Your strategy manager will work with you to establish and maintain these links.

We ensure that your location is poised for success by ensuring a clearly defined area for your own franchise that covers a large number of schools and businesses. Our advanced due diligence makes sure that your business faces no serious competition or other barriers to growth.

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An opportunity to own an Affordable franchise in the Children's education sector

Own a business that is satisfying and profitable that will last thought the economic cycles.

Actual costs vary depending on local market prices, and the business model you want to choose.

An initial franchise investment can start as Low as $29,000

Discounts are Available

  • We Support School teachers and Veterans. Contact us for current discount programs
  • Rebate programs may be offered based on the applicant's financial qualifications.
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About Us

Educating our youth and empowering a generation shouldn't be difficult or time-consuming. It should fun, easy, and convenient and now it can be with Science Cosmos! Science Cosmos was developed by a dedicated father and passionate advocate for science and technology. Ramesh developed Science Cosmos to fill the void that was missing in his children'sscience curriculum and millions of other children all around the world. It was created to inspire and motivate kids to learn more about science and prepare them for a real career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

The Science Cosmos franchise was founded with a mission is to help individuals inspire and motivate kids while preparing them for a future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Coming form a science and medical background our founder envisioned how this program could inspire thousands of students across the country. Science Cosmos franchisees not only run a successful business, but also a rewarding one by serving an important role in their communities, filling a critical need preparing children for a future in STEM.

As a Science Cosmos franchisee, you will be empowered to inspire an entire generation of eager and passionate youth that are hungry for more knowledge. This gives you the power to educate our youth about the most important industries around the globe and get them prepared for real careers in the real world. Each franchise is responsible for inspiring our children to reach their fullest potential and enter the workforce with a razor sharp competitive edge.

Our Story

The best ideas come from what we are passionate about. And this is exactly how Science Cosmos was born. A science professional by trade, Ramesh was dissatisfied with the way science was being taught to his own elementary school-aged children. Despite their district’s high ratings, he felt the curriculum was inadequate when it came to emphasis on science. Convinced there was a better way to motivate and prepare kids for an exciting future with science, he began researching and organizing in-depth, hands-on projects he could do with his children. The projects were a hit—the kids learned a lot and had fun doing them. Before long, friends’ and neighborhood kids joined and the group met for months in Ramesh’s basement. The thirst for knowledge never ceased and the projects continued to hold the interest of the kids. Ramesh had created a place where children were truly inspired and excited by science and technology.

Realizing the universal need for such a program and the potential of what he had accomplished on a small scale, Ramesh founded Science Cosmos. The company’s mission is to help like-minded individuals inspire and motivate kids while preparing them for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Science Cosmos franchisees can not only run a successful business, but serve an important role in their communities by fulfilling a critical need of preparing children for futures in engineering and science. Science Cosmos is an extremely rewarding franchise opportunity that allows those involved to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for STEM subjects. The atmosphere is one of intense learning but also fun for both the students and teachers alike.

A lifelong science enthusiast, Ramesh is a graduate in the sciences holding Master’s and Doctorate degrees. He is thrilled to see his passion inspire others. It gives him great joy week after week to watch the excitement and focus students have while participating in various Science Cosmos programs.