What is FLL?

FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) is a team based LEGO Robotics competition which introduces young people, ages 9 to 14 to the fun and excitement of science and technology. It helps to build self-confidence, knowledge, and valuable career and life skills. FLL challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers. Alongside adult Mentors, FLL teams solve problems using engineering concepts, presentation techniques, and robots. This is a robotics program where Teams of up to 10 kids program an autonomous robot (using a LEGO MINDSTORMS® robot set) to score points on a thematic playing surface, create an innovative solution to a problem as part of their Project, all while guided by the FLL Core Values. These three elements – the Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values – make up the yearly Challenge

FLL Prep course at Scienzmidns

At the ScienZminds FLL Prep course, we prepare your child to confidently participate in the FLL competition. Kids participate in an eight week course where they get hands on training in building robots and understanding this years Robot Game challenge in preparation for the competiteion. FLL publishes a new challenge, every year, usually by late Summer. The Project portion of the challenge, along with the preparation for presentation on competition day, is handled separately by your teams’ coach.

Components of the FLL Prep course

  • Training in the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Platform

  • Student will learn the NXT robotic programming interface

  • Preparatory training, including programming of Robot sensors & Motors and Robot maneuvering

  • Hands-on Training in Robot building

  • Training in advanced programming robot challenges

  • Understanding the FLL Robotic challenge

  • Review of FLL Core values

  • Review of the various Robot missions

  • Opportunities for students to practice the missions

Requirements and Schedule

The student has to be 9 years or older, besides that, there is no requirement to be in a FLL team to participate in this course. This course is a great opportunity for members of an existing FLL team, or who is looking to join a team. The FLL Prep course is Not an FLL team, and neither does it guarantee entry into a team. However students taking this course are in a significantly better position that the average Rookie or returning FLL participant. We provide a certification at the end of the course.

The course has start dates in September. The course lasts for 8 consecutive weeks, meeting once a week and lasting for 2.5 hrs each session.