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Jan 27
Luke Han Science Mind Ashburn

Luke Han
Science Mind of the Month- January Ashburn

January’s science mind of the month, Luke Han, is a HUGE fan of big tires. Luke, age 7, has been attending Science Cosmos since 2015 and he learned very quickly that, “big wheels make things go faster.” A few observations during his intermediate STEM course were more than enough to instill a need for speed in Luke.   

Luke says his favorite project was the “power car” in Intermediate STEM because, “it moves far by itself and has big wheels”. One of the activities associated with the power car involves having it pull a “load” on a sled of built of legos. Larger wheels allowed the power car travel up steeper hills while carrying a bigger load. Luke’s parents bring Luke to Science Cosmos classes because, “he loves Legos, math and science”. In the future Luke hopes to build Robots that can move. We can’t wait to see what Luke creates when he gets to our NxT – Lego Mindstorms courses!

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