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Chantilly 'Science Mind of the Month' Students

Every month at our center, we feature one of our special kids as Science Mind of the Month. These students have demonstrated persistence and focus and have accomplished more than our expectations. All of them have participated in our programs for several months. Give them a Thumbs up and check out their photo albums by following the links.

A Science Mind that loves to innovate
Pranav Tadepalli Science Mind of the Month- April Chantilly Pranav has been with Science Cosmos for over a year now[...]
This Science Mind has no intentions of slowing down
Michaela Frey Science Mind of the Month- December Chantilly December's Science Mind of the Month, Michaela Frey, is a very motivated[...]
A Science Mind who dashed his way to the top
Carmelo Nguyen Science Mind of the Month- September Chantilly Carmelo Nguyen, an independent and motivated student, is our Science Mind[...]
Dedicated Science Mind who loves to advance
Rasa Bayat Science Mind of the Month, April- Chantilly Rasa has been attending classes at Science Cosmos for over a[...]
A Science Mind who achieves more by doing more
Nikhil Kumar Science Mind of the Month,  May- Chantilly Nikhil Kumar has been a part of Science Cosmos for over[...]
Nidhi Bharadwaj. Science Mind of the Month Jan’16 Chantilly
Nidhi Bharadwaj Science Mind of the Month January 2016 Chantilly Nidhi Bharadwaj is the Science Mind of the Month in[...]