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Science Cosmos focuses on Children
Classes, year round

Whats a better way to learn STEAM concepts than building robots and cool engineering structures. It's Learn+Fun in these self paced classes at our locations.

Science Cosmos focuses on Childrens
In- School Program

We partner with schools, PTO's and community centers.   We custom tailor our offering based on local needs.  Students will be are engaged and kept busy with hands on activities.  Programs are structured and correlate with standards. 

Science Cosmos focuses on Children

Week-long fun camps that are filled with learning. Kids have a great time building and discovering, while at the same time learning concepts in STEM. Camp for ages 5 to 13 yrs. COMING SUMMER 2019

Science Cosmos focuses

Why not let your child have his or her “best birthday ever”!  Celebrate a customized party with friends, which your child will long remember. Kids will have a great time building. We also offer party hall rentals.

TEXT or CALL:  571-310-5798

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Welcome to the Science Cosmos – Merrifield Center.

We offer engaging, 'fun+learn'  STEAM programs for Children from Pre-K to Grade 7. 

We are serving the Merrifield and Tysons area. We offer year round enrichment classes focusing on S.T.E.A.M concepts. STEM theme Birthday Parties are a great value for money.  Our trained  Educators are experienced and love to teach.  


Recommend Science Cosmos for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn

My son has been attending the Robotics class for going on almost two years now and he loves it!! He started with Legos and is now coding in Minecraft. He is always excited to go and remiss to leave. We would recommend it for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn in a technologically savvy environment aided by bright and wonderful instructors!

Heather D. 5 star Parent facebook review

Classes & Camps at Schools and Community Centers

Classes and Camps at Schools and Community Centers, offered by the Merrifield Charlotte Branch:

Book a FREE Trial Class

Let your child Experience a FREE trial class at the Merrifield Science Cosmos Center, and enjoy a fun hour of learning. See First hand how much fun the classes can be to your child. Pick any open spot on the calendar.

You can schedule a FREE trial class at the Merrifield by clicking on the link above.  Have More questions? Submit on the 'Contact Us' button on the top. 

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Science Cosmos focuses on Children
Lego Robotics

Welcome to wonderful world of robots! Students immerse themselves in STEM learning, while they build Robots using Lego and learn programming on a graphic user interface. Progressive courses teach students a wide range of skills and STEM concepts.  

Grade 1 to Grade 6

Electronics can be a complex topic to teach, but not so at Science Cosmos. Students learn the fundamentals using an easy to understand system with snap-circuits and then progress gradually to higher levels, to learn more advanced concepts using the ardurino platform.

Grade 2 to Grade 6
Minecraft STEAM & Game Design

Children love to play video games. Why not show them how to create their own games instead? Children learn STEAM Concepts with our Minecraft (Education) Course, where they learn creativity and problem solving in a fun way. Besides Minecraft we teach game design, using the Scratch and Kodu platforms

Grade 2 to Grade 6
Science Cosmos focuses on Children

Whats a better way to learn STEM concepts, than building Lego Based structures and machines, that relate to everyday life.  Our students enjoy this as much as the Lego Robotics Courses. They are free of the distraction from the computer, and are able to immerse themselves into building. Students comprehend concepts related to simple machines, engineering, while experiencing a sense of accomplishment with their creativity.  

Grade 1- 6
Math Hands-On

Did you know that kids comprehend Math better if they can visualize better. We bring this idea to reality with our hands on Math programs.  Students live in a 3D world, so isn't it logical that they learn Math concepts by manipulating and building with 3D objects? We have math courses based on Lego, Knex and other manipulatives. 

Grade 1 to Grade 6