Recreation Centers in North Charlotte. Science Cosmos Classes & Camps

These locations are served by the North Charlotte Branch


The Science Cosmos North Charlotte branch offers STEAM enrichment programs covering the areas of North Charlotte. Our STEAM Educators love to teach.

We are thrilled to be able to bring our program to FCPA Parktakes! You can enroll in our classes by clicking on the image below.
Science Cosmos Classes at Liberty Elementary

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Class Descriptions

Lego Science & Math Smart

Kids Programming Classes

In this Hands-on program from Science Cosmos, Kindergarten and Pre K Students learn age appropriate concepts of force, speed, predicting and measuring, They do this by building models with LEGO Duplo bricks. Fun models like a pinwheel, Car, Goal Kicker, etc. Working in pairs, together they learn measurement of distance, time, weight; counting, calculating, and problem-solving. They even learn to observe and analyze and enter their testing data on worksheets. This is a popular class where students actively build, explore and learn while having Fun! (Ages 4 and 5) 

Lego Robot Animals

In this Hands-on program from Science Cosmos, 1st Grade Students learn concepts related to robotics and programming. Working as budding robotic engineers students use the WeDo Lego Robotics platform and build lego models bases on many themes that they can relate to, such as dancing birds, flying, soccer. Students work in Pairs and build Lego Robot models featuring working motors and sensors and they program their models using a graphic drag and drop software interface. Subsequently they modify the model’s behavior by changing the construction of the model or the software program. This is a popular class that is enjoyable for a budding robot engineer.   (Ages 5 and 6) 

Lego Camps Chantilly

STEAMing Gaming

Kids Programming Classes

The Minecraft STEAM Learning course retains the magic of the Minecraft video game, while adding elements to it that facilitate learning concepts in S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math). It is a powerful bridge between physical and virtual classrooms, fostering critical 21st century skills. Student learn age appropriate Lessons in a way they immensely enjoy, aligned with curriculum standards.

Unlike traditional Minecraft the STEAM learning course offers a controlled or coated environment rather than an open-ended Minecraft world. Being in the Minecraft world makes it irresistible and Kids explore and learn by observation and problem solving.