Science Cosmos Policies and Rules

Enrollment: By selecting ‘I agree’, you agree to the terms and conditions of the enrollment, and to Science Cosmos’ policies and rules. Your will be automatically charged monthly to your selected method of payment. It will be your responsibility to ensure that your payment method remains valid. An invalid method of payment two weeks past our notification, will prevent admittance of your child to class.

Attendance: To benefit the child and take full advantage of curriculum, we recommend that the student maintain at least 75% attendance. A lower attendance rate may adversely affect the student’s certification. Science Cosmos will follow the local school and county schedule for holidays and breaks.

The class is for a set duration during a set time. Student should arrive to class on time. If the student is late we will not extend the session, and the student will have to end the session at the scheduled time.

Make-up classes: Students are expected to attend class regularly. Students are eligible for one make-up class in a calendar month. Students’ Science Cosmos enrollment will not held or extended for short-term illness or vacation. There will be no additional makeup for extreme weather or disaster related closures and cancellations. Make up classes cannot be accumulated. There are not Credits or refunds for missed classes. All make-up classes will have to scheduled in advance. Make up classes cannot be accumulated or carried over to following months. You should schedule a make up session via the customer portal.

Billing Pause Policy: See our separate ‘Billing on Pause’ policy by clicking here.

Enrollment Cancellation and Termination: Customer has up to 3 calendar days from the date of signing up to cancel without penalty, after which this agreement is binding. A 30 day written notice is required. This agreement shall not be terminated without penalty unless there is an exceptional circumstance, such death, disability or divorce of parents; for such circumstances, customers shall provide appropriate documentation. Customer may terminate the agreement if relocating the primary residence of the student beyond 15 miles of the current primary residence of the student; with proof of new residence.

Penalty: The fee schedule could factor in discounts for enrollment periods greater than one month. If you terminate for reasons other than the above, you will forfeit the multi-month discounts and will be retroactively charged the discounted amount to the payment method on file.

Communication and Notification: Science Cosmos will use a combination of email, SMS messaging, telephone, or mail to communicate urgent or non-urgent information. You are responsible to provide us with up to date contact information.

Class Cancellations: For bad weather related closure, we will generally follow local school and county announcements. However there will be occasions when bad weather occurs outside of school and county hours, at which time Science Cosmos will make a determination to cancel taking safety into consideration. All bad weather related and emergency/disaster related cancellations are considered unscheduled.

Student Evaluation and Progression: It will be the sole discretion of the Science Cosmos teacher, to determine the best curriculum choice and pathway of progression for the child. All student evaluations are based on teacher’s judgment. If necessary, you may be called to attend a student review with the teacher, or you may choose to schedule a meeting if you desire to discuss concerns.

Authorized Pickup: You may authorize up-to 4 persons including parents to pick up your child. You may add persons and make changes by filling the ‘Pickup Authorization Form’ in person at our center.

Late Pickup: You or your authorized designee should pick the kids up on time. Pick up time is at the end of the class, as posted on our schedule. A copy of the schedule can be obtained at the Science Cosmos center. Your pick up time may be tracked by our sign-out system. If you know that you are running late, please call to notify Science Cosmos‘ staff at 800-709-6509 or the local number provided to you. You will receive a warning after two incidents of late pickup and subsequently may be charged a late pick-up fee.

Illness: Science Cosmos reserves the right to release a child if he or she appears too ill to participate in the program or is considered contagious. Science Cosmos will notify the child’s parent/guardian or emergency contact for the child to be picked up within a half hour. If the child has not been picked up within the allotted time frame, Science Cosmos reserves the right to take any action necessary to ensure the health and safety of the child. If a child has been diagnosed with a fever in or outside of the center, the child is not permitted back to the program for 24 hours after the fever has subsided. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify us of any medical conditions or allergies, which could affect students’ activity in class. You may update students’ medical conditions anytime by filling out the ‘Student information form’.

Communicating an Emergency: In an emergency related to the student, Science Cosmos will attempt to contact the participant’s parent or guardian. If the parent or guardian is unavailable, Science Cosmos will attempt to notify the contacts listed on this agreement. Science Cosmos will take necessary actions in the child’s best interests until the parent, guardian, or emergency contact has been reached; parent/guardian will be responsible for all related expenses. During any unforeseen crisis, such as natural disaster or similar emergencies, Science Cosmos will cease regular activities. Science Cosmos will evacuate the premises if necessary. Parents will be contacted if the children are to be released early from the program. Science Cosmos will notify the proper authorities in the event of any emergency.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: Science Cosmos is responsible for reporting any and all signs of child abuse or neglect. This report will be completed by the Director and forwarded to Social Services in accordance with state policy.

Electronic information Portal: You may be provided with access to student, billing, or related information via an electronic portal. This may contain personal and sensitive information. You are responsible to keep your passwords safe. Science Cosmos will not be held responsible or liable for data compromise related to malicious or accidental data breach or data loss. You may be required to update your information via this portal. It is the parent/legal guardians’ responsibility to provide Scienzminds with updated information pertaining to the student, parent/legal guardian, or billing information.

Photography: Science Cosmos may use photographs and video for display and circulation within the Science Cosmos community, on an on-site bulletin board, in an internal newsletter, or for an on-site digital display or intranet. By accepting this agreement you have given us consent to the use of your child’s photograph, voice and video for internal use and circulation by Science Cosmos. This consent is not for public distribution outside of the Science Cosmos community. Science Cosmos may obtain separate consent for such general public use.

Intellectual Property: All materials and methods used are protected by copyright law. Science Cosmos is a trademark. You must respect the intellectual property rights of Science Cosmos, their content providers, and any other owner of intellectual property whose protected property may appear on the website, LMS, curriculum, marketing material, and educational material and/or a physical location where Science Cosmos operates.

DBA ‘Doing Business as’: Local branches can operate under the Science Cosmos name using it as a Ficticious business name or a ‘DBA’. Your charges may reflect the name of the underlying business entity of the local branch. This agreement including your financial obligations will be applicable to the local branch entity operating your local center.

Disciplinary Policy: The purpose of discipline policy is to facilitate a positive after-school climate in which each student feels safe and secure, staff agree on general principles of discipline within a framework of progressive discipline, and parents are informed of their child’s behavior as well as encouraged to support the center’s decisions. Science Cosmos expects participants to respect others and their space, harmoniously participate in activities, and cooperate with Scienzminds employees. Unacceptable behaviors include profanity, disrespecting others and their space, bullying, failure to comply with a staff members’ directions, excessive horseplay, inappropriate or violent physical contact, or possession/use of a weapon. Science Cosmos may report incidents of unacceptable behavior to the parents/guardians of all children involved. Science Cosmos reserves the right to release a child for unacceptable behavior. Expulsion: Science Cosmos reserves the right to expel a child from the program, for unacceptable behavior.

Changes to rules and policies: Science Cosmos reserves the right to change the rules and policies as and when it deems necessary. A copy of the most current rules and policies will be available at the Scienzminds center. You will be notified of any significant changes. Any additional policies will be provided separately.

Privacy Policy: All financial and personal information collected by Science Cosmos from customers is considered private and confidential and shall not be disclosed without the prior knowledge of the customer, unless required by law, or essential to the conduct of business. The Privacy and Confidentiality of customers’ financial and other personal information is a high priority, and Science Cosmos staff will respect privacy of customer information, be it in electronic, phone or paper form. Your payment details are collected and stored via a third party reputable gateway service. Please click on the links to see their respective privacy policies. Jackrabbit, Safefave, Authorize.net Paypal