A Science Mind who is passionate about STEM

Ashburn Center

Oct 18

Krish Behera

Science Mind of the Month- September Ashburn

Krish Behera, an independent and fun-loving neutron, is our Science Mind of the Month for September! Over the course of the last year Krish has explored physics and engineering principles as part of the Intermediate STEM curriculum.  Notable projects he has completed include the inclined plane and his favorite project, the trundle wheel. When asked why he likes coming to class Krish said, “I love to build Legos and I try to learn new Lego building skills so that I can build anything”. One day Krish hopes to put his lego building skills to work as a Lego engineer who creates new Lego robotics projects. One idea he has is to create a remote controlled Lego train. Krish’s parents bring Krish to Science Cosmos so, “he can learn new Lego Robotics techniques and build more advanced projects when he grows older. We look forward to many more great ideas from Krish in the future!


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