A Science Mind who reaches for the stars!

Ashburn Center

Oct 18

Simar Malhi

Science Mind of the Month- August Ashburn

Simar Malhi is a long time member of the Science Cosmos family and our Science Mind of the month for August! Simar started as a Neutron 2 years ago where she mastered the intermediate STEM and Pneumatics curriculum. Intermediate STEM taught her concepts of potential and kinetic energy and renewable energy sources. The Pneumatics curriculum included Simar’s favorite project, A scarecrow that moves via pressurized air.

More recently Simar has focused more on programming as she learned to control the NXT and Ev3. Simar faces even the most difficult programming challenges with cheerfulness and a smile. With this approach she has crafted Ev3 programs that detect and avoid obstacles. Her most recent challenges test her ability to program simultaneous tasks and integrate inputs from multiple sensors. Simar is a very talented 9 year old who enjoys programming and robotics. One day she hopes to turn this passion into a career as a NASA engineer.


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