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Dec 12

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Science & Engineering

This tracks explores the world of STEM - giving a strong foundation to build on in the area of Physics, Technology and Engineering. Classes and Camps such as Early STEM, Intermediate STEM, Bridge Engineering, Pneumatics, Renewable Energy, Life Sciences, Rocket Science and Engineering, etc give a beginner as well as an advanced learner to reinforce their concepts and create their own unique models with hands-on building challenges.


This tracks explores the world of Robotics - whether it is with Legos or with several new Robot blocks that we have. Classes and Camps in this track allow learners to not only build the robots but also program them so that the robots perform the actions that they are designed to do. Several challenge problems (including some from advanced Robotics Competitions like FLL and Vex) are given to students for them to ideate and solve and implement.

Programming & Game Design

This tracks explores the world of Programming & Game Design and sets students to learn and think like Software Engineers and Game Developers. Classes and Camps for programmers range from Scratch Jr for young beginners to advanced languages like Robot C, C, Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript and also to Mobile App Development for advanced programmers. For the passionate game designers, we explore the the world of 3D game development on Unity as well as program in Minecraft.

Sep 27


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Ashburn 'Science Mind of the Month'  Students 

Every month at our center, we feature one of our special kids as Science Mind of the Month.   These students have demonstrated persistence and focus and have accomplished more than our expectations.  All of them have participated in our programs for several months. Give them a Thumbs up and check out their photo albums by following the links. 

Ashburn Open House was a big hit
This weekend, the Ashburn Open House was a big hit Many students and parents showed up and participated in fun activities.[...]
Go BIG or go home! That’s the motto of this Science Mind
Luke Han Science Mind of the Month- January Ashburn January's science mind of the month, Luke Han, is a HUGE[...]
Superhero Loving [Future Batgirl] Science Mind – She IS really SUPER
Ella Burks Science Mind of the Month- December Ashburn December’s Science Mind of the month embodies many of the qualities[...]
This Science Mind is Cooler than the Ice planet Hoth
Phil Zourzoukis Science Mind of the Month - November Ashburn Phil Zourzoukis loves Star Wars, and you guessed it, Legos. On[...]
A Science Mind who is passionate about STEM
Krish Behera Science Mind of the Month- September Ashburn Krish Behera, an independent and fun-loving neutron, is our Science Mind[...]
A Science Mind who reaches for the stars!
Simar Malhi Science Mind of the Month- August Ashburn Simar Malhi is a long time member of the Science Cosmos[...]
Sporty science mind – Arjun. June 2015 Science mind of the month.
Jul 01

Sporty science mind – Arjun. June 2015 Science mind of the month.

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Arjun is the Science Mind of the Month in Ashubrn for June 2015. Arjun is a 4th grader and has been attending Science Cosmos since he was in the first grade and loves a good building challenge. Arjun transferred to Ashburn from Chantilly. He started out with us in the beginning robotics programs, creating animals that are animated, and challenging builds such as the carousel and crane. He worked with electrical engineering courses and Mindstorms NXT and EV3 intermediate robotics.


Arjun’s favorite subject in school is math and his favorite movie is the Lego Movie.

He loves to play tennis and is in the top 50 Mid-Atlantic Club, but that is not all! He is also a Black Belt in karate, and he studies the guitar!

He is a well rounded student and his dream is to become a Tennis Professional when he grows up!

Samsher Malhi. Science Mind of the Month April 2015
Apr 17

Samsher Malhi. Science Mind of the Month April 2015

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Samsher is our student (Electron) at the Ashburn Center. He loves to work on programming his NXT models and build Cool Robots. He started off as a Neutron and mastered the Into Robotics courses and graduated to the intermediate robotics course. Samsher is a fourth grade student who has been a member of our Science Cosmos Family for over two years. He loves to build with the variety of materials we have and always looks for the purpose and leaning component of his builds. When Asked, he says that math is his favorite subject in school. He is a very active young man and loves to play with his Science Cosmos friends in our gym after class. He is a friend to everyone and has made many friends at Science Cosmos and we look forward to his participation each week. He and his sister were students at the Chantilly center before they transferred. See his photo album and look at the cool models he build. To recognize him you can Like and comment on our Facebook post about him. See his photo album HERE.

ahishnu Science Mind of the Month
Mar 06

Sahishnu Science Mind of the Month

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Sahishnu Hanumasetty

Sahishnu is a long time student at Science Cosmos, and attends classes at the Ashburn center. He has been doing advanced EV3 Projects, and has some really Cool Robots he built that we were displaying for everyone to see at the center. He has worked on Data Science projects and learnt how to take temperature measurements and do experiments with the EV3 robot. He was a Student in Chantilly and transferred to the Ashburn center. He has completed many courses and deserves to be recognized as a Science Mind of the month. He is a bright student and is always on task with his projects. He loves to modify and revise his robot builds – a hallmark of a creative thinker. He is courteous to his teachers and peers and liked by all SEE SAHISHNUS PHOTO ALBUM