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May 04

Ashburn Center STEM Staff

By admin | Ashburn Center

Mr. Andrew Chuba

Andrew is a Software Engineer at Capital One and holds a degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech College of Engineering. He is passionate about programming language cultures and is a keen problem-solver. He is an adventurous individual who has a passion for music, technology, travel and food. He likes to play Overwatch, produce Music, meet and great people, cook, travel, and generally tries new and exciting stuff. He is also passionate about learning new things as much as teaching others what he knows.

Mr. Joshua Yalowitz

If it blinks lights, turns gears or reacts to sensors, Mr. Josh has worked with it. Josh has a deep interest in electrical engineering and computing and has worked with micro-controllers like the Arduino for more than a decade. He has experience in rapid prototyping, CAD design, 3D printing, electric circuit design, wood working, metal working and fabrication, to name a few. He mentored high school students at Marshall High School in Falls Church to help them rebuild their robotics program and took them to the semi-finals this year. He firmly believes that incorporating science and technology into the lives of children at a young age onwards will advance their critical thinking and logical thinking abilities and these skills will advance them significantly in life. Mr. Josh is on his way to becoming a licensed Technology teacher for the county. Mr. Josh will be helping Ms. Soumya in all the STEAM and Lego/Robotics courses at Science Cosmos.

Mrs. Soumya Sriram

With a ton of experience working in Montessori school system, Soumya brings creative ideas to convey fundamental concepts to the children. She is most passionate about the "spark" that she sees in the child when they get those concepts in Physics. She loves incorporating, physics, engineering and general science concepts including life sciences into her classroom.

Mr. Deval Parikh

He is a passionate young computer scientist who lives and breathes technology.  Deval is pursing his Computer Science degree at the George Mason University.  He is super passionate about computer programming, mobile development, projects in virtual and augmented reality.  In his previous jobs, Mr. D taught younger children math, physics and helped them prepare for their SAT/ACT exams.  He loves to spread his passion for science and technology to the younger generations.  He will be starting on the 27th of April and he will be heading our Coding/Game Design segment while helping out with all the other fun courses at Science Cosmos.

Science Cosmos Parent - Debbie

Science Cosmos Parent - Mr. Bharadwaj

Science Cosmos Parent - Suzanne