A Science Mind that loves challenges

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A Science Mind that loves space
Dec 14

Pranav Bansal

Science Mind of the Month- January 2018

Pranav has been with Science Cosmos for over a year now and he has been able to complete various projects. In this video, he discusses some of the things he enjoys about Science Cosmos! Below you can also see what his parent has to say about Science Cosmos.

Why do you bring your students to our classes?
"Science Cosmos is the best enrichment class we chose for our kids. This is one of the classes where we don’t have to remind them or nudge them to get ready. Every week my kids look forward to learning new things. Coding classes are challenging yet not overwhelming that kids will lose interest. " -Mrs. Bansal

What is something you would like to see in the future?
"It would be great to see more in-house competitions and tournaments. It would be a great opportunity for kids to showcase their learning." -Mrs. Bansal

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