Arjun J. Green Scientist – Science Mind

By admin | Chantilly Center

Aug 04
Arjun J. Green Scientist – Science Mind

Arjun Jothiramalingam is the Science Mind of the Month in Chantilly for July 2015. Arjun has been with us for over a year now and he is always a joy to have in the classroom. He has worked on various curriculums like Robotics, Renewable Energy, Intermediate STEM, and NXT. His favorite is the Renewable energy Curriculum.


While working on these projects he has always showed his continuous desire to learn about robots and their many uses. He looks forward to finding new ways to use his NXT Mindstorms robot, anything from making a windmill to using the bluetooth add-on that comes with the NXT Robot, Arjun will only continue to amaze us here at Science