Laying a Strong STEM foundation

The Engineering projects are fun to do and students learn science concepts  

Why robotics?  Because it’s exciting for students and is the premier vehicle for hands-on delivery of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts to students. Our robotics program provides an enjoyable yet challenging classroom environment in which students can develop important 21st-century skills such as creative problem-solving, communication of ideas, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. They learn while at the same time having Fun!

The best S.T.E.A.M enrichment program for just $125/mo (monthly) or $105/mo (annual)  

Engineering & Science Courses




Students Ages 6-8 Learn to Build & program robots using the Lego platform

ROBOTICS with Lego WeDo

This is an exciting robotics programs for kids that enhances their interest to learn STEAM concepts. This course teaches  a number of skills we use in the real world. This Beginner robotics programs lay a foundation in problem-solving skills and creativity as they learn to assemble the robot and enabling them to do certain actions.

When the robots fails to do what they are set out for, children have to troubleshoot to solve the issues and that develops their problem solving skills.

Students work as young scientists and engineers,  while learning concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM). Students use the WeDo Robotics platform performing a series of theme-based activities and build models featuring working motors and sensors. They program their robot models using graphical software interface.


Students lean a broad range of Concepts Covering the STEAM areas

It's not just building with legos or making the robots move. The  process of learning is integrated with the fun projects that the students do. Learning is therefore effortless. Concepts from engineering, Simple machines, Biology, etc are introduced to the students. 

Individualized Learning & Progress tracking

Individualized learning is possible as the students are guided using our state of the art computerized learning system while the teacher monitors and supports the students learning.

The best S.T.E.A.M enrichment program for just $125/mo (monthly) or $105/mo (annual)  

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This tracks explores the world of Robotics - whether it is with Legos or with several new Robot blocks that we have. Classes and Camps in this track allow learners to not only build the robots but also program them so that the robots perform the actions that they are designed to do. Several challenge problems (including some from advanced Robotics Competitions like FLL and Vex) are given to students for them to ideate and solve and implement.

Programming & Game Design

This tracks explores the world of Programming & Game Design and sets students to learn and think like Software Engineers and Game Developers. Classes and Camps for programmers range from Scratch Jr for young beginners to advanced languages like Robot C, C, Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript and also to Mobile App Development for advanced programmers. For the passionate game designers, we explore the the world of 3D game development on Unity as well as program in Minecraft.

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