WHY ABACUS? Abacus is a visual tool. The main advantage in using Abacus math is that the student just after a few months, memorizes the image of the abacus in their mind, and can perform calculations mentally, without any tools like pen and paper, calculators or fingers!. Our Math program allows children to master the skill of solving problems mentally, without relying on any external instrument.

Mental Math Without Tears

With Komodo's personalized approach to teaching math, your child will learn to solve complex problems in her head without any calculators. And with speed and accuracy. Our students start learning on the Japanese Soroban abacus and rapidly learn to visualize a problem and make a mental image of the abacus. In a few weeks, they learn to do problems mentally without relying on abacus.


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My son has been attending the Robotics class for going on almost two years now and he loves it!! He started with Legos and is now coding in Minecraft. He is always excited to go and remiss to leave. We would recommend it for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn in a technologically savvy environment aided by bright and wonderful instructors!

Math for the Left Brain and the Right!

Our brain has two hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain. Most of the time our children use only the left brain, which provides the ability to analyze information and think rationally. But the right side of the brain, which is focused on creativity and information integration, needs to be used and stimulated as well. Learning to use the abacus can help develop this right brain/left brain integration. Our program uses several techniques like spatial recall, pattern matching, comprehension, along with proper training and structured methodology to successfully improve cognition, problem solving, attention, memory and speed. Abacus math promotes whole brain development for the children. View our E3 Strategy for Whole Brain Development.


My daughter loves building different things every week with LEGOS & programming

Well educated teachers and community support! My daughter loves building different things every week with LEGOS and block programming! >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS

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