WHY SETTLE FOR LESS! Your child needs all round comprehensive enrichment to help him or her succeed in school and in life. Parents are busy and so are kids. Time and financial limits hold us back from choosing the proper types of enrichment  the child needs.  Now parents don't have to limit themselves to just one program at our center. Our comprehensive enrichment plans gives you the ability to choose from a combination of STEM, Math, Programming and Writing programs, each with a separate certification track. You get a one-stop solution for your child's intellectual enrichment.  You can take back control of that family time and spend quality time rather than in the car shuttling your children to activities after a long day.   Our multiprogram pricing will get your child into our highly reviewed programs at a discounted price.  You have control to choose what fits your child best.  Check with your local center's to see if this is available.


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STEM based classes are self paced and gives kids an opportunity to learn at their own pace. There are several Certification courses that the students can take, ranging from Lego STEM, Lego Robotics, Electronics. Here the students build models using engineering concepts. This is hands on and fun for the students.  The duration for each course in the STEM Hands-On track varies from 6 to 12 months. Students can enroll anytime during the year, since they experience the courses at their own pace. Students start on course that is age-appropriate.

Perfect for ages 4 - 14 yrs


Recommend Science Cosmos for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn

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My son has been attending the Robotics class for going on almost two years now and he loves it!! He started with Legos and is now coding in Minecraft. He is always excited to go and remiss to leave. We would recommend it for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn in a technologically savvy environment aided by bright and wonderful instructors!

Grade Level Math program is intended for Grades 1-8. The goal of this teacher-led program is to nurture proficiency in Grade Level Math concepts. Although mathematics curricula will vary from state to state and country to country, Komodo Grade Level Math teaches concepts that are addressed and required for each grade.

The concepts have been divided by topic and grade. Mastery of the concepts at the previous grade is assumed. Students preparing for each grade will find these classes to be extremely helpful.

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PROGRAMMING Coursers. Students are introduced to the concepts of computer programming and get a head start on programming languages such as Python and JAVA. As they build their foundation, students are also challenged to apply their knowledge to real world problems.  concepts in this camp. Students will have a great time learning programming concepts and discovering. Science Cosmos goes beyond just teaching programming skills. We encourage students to develop leadership skills so that they become familiar about 'pitching' their ideas.

Perfect for ages 11 yrs and above.

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My son has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft!

My son loves Science Cosmos! So far, he has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft coding! The teachers are very professional and friendly and they teach every students in their own level. I recommend Ms. Ashley. She is very professional and caring. Thanks Science Cosmos!

Komodo’s Language Arts program is intended for Grades 1-5. The goal of this teacher-led program is to nurture reading and writing proficiency through theme based instruction. Our structured program stimulates young minds, develops a deeper understanding of reading and writing, and motivates students to become more efficient communicators.


With Komodo's personalized approach, your child will learn to solve complex problems in her head without any calculators. And with speed and accuracy. Our students start learning on the Japanese Soroban abacus and rapidly learn to visualize a problem and make a mental image of the abacus. In a few weeks, they learn to do problems mentally without relying on abacus.

Our teaching methods are tailored to your child’s age and grade.


Our Son is always Looking forward to his Class ...

Our son David has been learning robotics at Science Cosmos for a year. He is always looking forward to his Saturday class. The teachers are really nice, specially Dr. Ashley, who is always making sure that the kids communicate to parents what they have learned that day. We appreciate that they are making efforts to put more online videos so the kids could keep working at home. >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS

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Lego Robotics and Lego STEM classes are included in the STEM Program.  These are several age appropriate and engaging and fun course for the budding robotic engineer . Students work as young scientists and engineers. robot models while learning various concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), as well as language and literacy.  Students build models featuring working motors and sensors and learn to program their robots and solve engineering problems.  

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My 7 year old loves her weekly Lego Robotics Class!


My 7 year old loves her weekly Lego Robotics Class! Thank you Miss Ashley for making it more fun! >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS


My daughter loves building different things every week with LEGOS & programming

Well educated teachers and community support! My daughter loves building different things every week with LEGOS and block programming! >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS

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