The classes are self paced and gives kids an opportunity to learn at their own pace. We encourage students who are fast performers and also students who take time to think things through. The recommended duration for each course in the STEM Hands-On track varies from 3 to 12 months. Students can enroll anytime during the year, since they experience the courses at their own pace. Students start on course that is age-appropriate.


Ages 4-6


Ages 6-9


Ages 9-14


Explore various courses offered for different ages. We love to call our STEM students as 'Protons, Neutrons and Electrons'. Click on the links to see details of some of the courses offered in the STEM-Hands on Program. 

Iraida Cabrera Carnero Facebook Review by Customer

Our Son is always Looking forward to his Class ...

Our son David has been learning robotics at Science Cosmos for a year. He is always looking forward to his Saturday class. The teachers are really nice, specially Dr. Ashley, who is always making sure that the kids communicate to parents what they have learned that day. We appreciate that they are making efforts to put more online videos so the kids could keep working at home. >> MORE PARENT TESTIMONIALS

Heather D. 5 star Parent facebook review

Recommend Science Cosmos for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn

My son has been attending the Robotics class for going on almost two years now and he loves it!! He started with Legos and is now coding in Minecraft. He is always excited to go and remiss to leave. We would recommend it for any young mind that is inquisitive and wants to learn in a technologically savvy environment aided by bright and wonderful instructors!

Joanne H Parent Facebook review

My son has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft!

My son loves Science Cosmos! So far, he has learned so much and he now can't wait to start Minecraft coding! The teachers are very professional and friendly and they teach every students in their own level. I recommend Ms. Ashley. She is very professional and caring. Thanks Science Cosmos!

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At SCIENCE COSMOS we are dedicated to offering the best science experiments and projects for kids in all of our classes. Each class is different and filled with age appropriate and skill appropriate science builds. Our Lego science and Lego robotics lessons and projects are tailored to help your child learn about Science, Technology and Engineering in a fun way. We have incorporated hands on and interactive activities into all of our classes, which is crucial to introduce the element of fun to your child's learning and help them retaining the most amount of information they can. To learn more about our classes please choose an option above.