A Science Mind who dashed his way to the top

Chantilly Center

Oct 25
A Science Mind who dashed his way to the top

Carmelo Nguyen

Science Mind of the Month- September Chantilly

Carmelo Nguyen, an independent and motivated student, is our Science Mind of the Month for September in Chantilly. Carmelo has been attending our program for almost 2 years! During his time here he has been able to fly by curriculums such as Intro STEM, Introductory Robotics, Intermediate STEM, and NXT.
While currently working on the EV3 curriculum, he is now mastering the various sensors involved with this robot.
Carmelo is an avid fan of cars, which can be seen by his style of programming and robot designs. His determination to proceed to a higher level has allowed him to be a model student in our program. Carmelo has been a joy to have in the classroom and we look forward to seeing him excel in the years to come!


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Android Osmosis

Great Job Carmelo, Keep up the good work!

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