This Science Mind has no intentions of slowing down

Chantilly Center

Feb 04
This Science Mind has no intentions of slowing down

Michaela Frey

Science Mind of the Month- December Chantilly

December’s Science Mind of the Month, Michaela Frey, is a very motivated student. Michaela has been attending Science Cosmos since early 2015 and has been breezing through curriculums since the start. Her determination has allowed for her to complete more than 4 curriculums!  

Michaela enjoys coming to Science Cosmos because “she gets to learn new things each lesson”. Her ability to work independently has helped her promptly complete all of her assigned tasks and challenges. Michaela’s favorite project has been the “Robot Maze Challenge” which required her to program an EV3 robot to successfully complete a maze in less than 30 minutes! Michaela has been able to complete both our NXT and EV3 curriculums, which has allowed her to recently start working on our Robot C course. Her love for programming will allow her to continue learning more and more about the amazing world of programming. We are very proud to have Michaela at Science Cosmos and we expect her to continue surprising us with her ability to program!


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