Science & Engineering

This tracks explores the world of STEM - giving a strong foundation to build on in the area of Physics, Technology and Engineering. Classes and Camps such as Early STEM, Intermediate STEM, Bridge Engineering, Pneumatics, Renewable Energy, Life Sciences, Rocket Science and Engineering, etc give a beginner as well as an advanced learner to reinforce their concepts and create their own unique models with hands-on building challenges.


This tracks explores the world of Robotics - whether it is with Legos or with several new Robot blocks that we have. Classes and Camps in this track allow learners to not only build the robots but also program them so that the robots perform the actions that they are designed to do. Several challenge problems (including some from advanced Robotics Competitions like FLL and Vex) are given to students for them to ideate and solve and implement.

Programming & Game Design

This tracks explores the world of Programming & Game Design and sets students to learn and think like Software Engineers and Game Developers. Classes and Camps for programmers range from Scratch Jr for young beginners to advanced languages like Robot C, C, Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript and also to Mobile App Development for advanced programmers. For the passionate game designers, we explore the the world of 3D game development on Unity as well as program in Minecraft.

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The best S.T.E.A.M enrichment program for just $125/mo (monthly) or $105/mo (annual)  

The classes are self paced and gives kids an opportunity to learn at their own pace. We encourage students who are fast performers and also students who take time to think things through.  The recommended duration is 6 or 12 months. Students can enroll anytime during the year, since they experience the courses at their own pace. Students get start on an age-appropriate course. There is a $29 One time registration Fee per Student.  Secure online registration is on the Science Cosmos registration portal.  (Please allow Pop-Ups)

I recommend it frequently to parents who have strong interests in STEM

My Son looks forward to going to class and also has fun interacting with all the other like-minded kids as they work on their projects and coursework. We have also sent him to summer camps here and he loved those as well.

I have been so impressed and happy with this program and I recommend it frequently to parents who have children who have strong interests in STEM. With the pace of advancements in technology, and with the limitations of school based offerings on these subjects, it's very difficult to keep a child engaged and growing without a supporting program like this. Thanks Science Cosmos!

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